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O maravilhoso mundo do espectáculo

Hoje, no The Guardian, Guy Browning observa os vários tipos de criadores presentes no Fringe 2005, o maior festival de artes performativas do mundo, que até 29 de Agosto decorre em Edimburgo. Cobertura completa e diária no jornal.

Festival diary

There are two kinds of performers on the Fringe. The first is irritable, nervy and preoccupied; the second is beaming, relaxed, the life and soul of the party. They are, of course, the same person, one pre-show and the other post-show. If a performer is irritable, nervy and preoccupied directly after coming off stage, this is a sure sign that their show is an absolute stinker.

A Fringe performer's day normally starts at the newsagent, where he buys a paper he wouldn't normally handle without tongs and then scours it for the three words "Brian was brilliant". If those three words or similar variations are in the paper, he then buys another seven copies of the paper.

Normally, just after the third cup of coffee, the gut pixie arrives. This is the small but ever-growing awareness of that day's upcoming show. After mundane chores have been completed - washing pants and stilted telephone conversation with absent partner - the "notes" session begins. This is where the director fine-tunes his or her show by oiling the egos of the performers. In reality, everyone knows it's far too late to change the show, but it gives the director something to do.

There is then the pre-show hour, when nerves are tightening. The two things that performers really want/don't want to know before they start is that night's ticket sales and whether there are any critics in attendance. Knowing that you've got a really big audience in but they're all critics would be a bit of a mixed blessing.

Two minutes before curtain up, the performer hears the siren call of a proper job in a bank. Two minutes after the curtain has come down, to warm applause, the performer hears the siren calls of Hollywood with all its noble artistic endeavour.

Guy Browning

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