quinta-feira, agosto 18, 2005

Representações do corpo (III)


Orlan (França, 1947)

Consider the theater of Orlan. It aims to impact memory, to physically condition this mental state, thereby suggesting that one's thoughts and the recollection upon which they rely can somehow be tangibly modeled, shaped. In its deliberate diversity Orlan's art constructs memory through a plurality of media that will ensure that "something"--whether a face (hers), a feeling (yours), a desire (of artist and spectator)--be both transmitted and received. Text plays an active role in this process and is submitted to as wide a range of articulations as are images, Orlan's self- produced self- imagery. (...) Orlan's art is essentially produced through staged performances that take place (theatrically, dramatically) within the hospital's operating room, her "studio." (...) In addition to the videotapes, photographs, and reliquaries resulting from the operations, a significant portion of Orlan's work is presented in gallery spaces, on the white walls created by modernism's belief in painting. (...) Here one may index Orlan's method as similarly engaged in a reckoning with how process gives rise to form, and finally to (self- )formulation. Her process videos and the resultant still photography from the operations are akin to glimpses into the transitive formation of a de Kooning painting, where stages of becoming determine the next action within the stream of impulse. (...) How such memory attaches to states of being will be in the phenomenal sphere of art where perception connects to the physical body--a new type of being that is opened as a horizon to include all distance, both without and within.

David Moss

Até ao fim do mês de Agosto, aproveita-se a canícula e os corpos mais descobertos para dar a ver (e a pensar) o corpo como matéria de criação artística. A escolha não será certamente representativa de um estudo do corpo através da arte, mas serve para olhar o corpo como mais do que mera massa. Ou talvez não. Primeiro apresentam-se propostas de mulheres, para depois se escolherem propostas masculinas. O corpo, como a arte o vê e representa. Sugestões, comentários, referências, outros nomes podem ser enviados para o mail ou deixados na caixa de comentários. Até ao fim de agosto n'O Melhor Anjo, dá-se ao corpo o espaço materializável.

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