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A dança no You Tube V: One of a kind, de Jirí Kylian

One of a kind (1998)
Coreografia de Jirí Kylian para o Nederlands Dance Theatre I

«Whatever intellectual baggage is involved (Mr. Kylian's program notes describe a springboard for the piece), the impact of ''One of a Kind'' is totally visual and kinetic. The fierce motor pulse of Mr. Kylian's choreography, sensed even when his exceptional dancers come to rest in barely contained stillness, is the work's most spectacular feature. There is a new movement vocabulary here, full of lightning-swift shifts in weight and a propulsion that has the company virtually skating across the floor. The intricacy of the partnering ties the work's many duets into knots with whirlwind force.

Yet the same dancing is impossible to separate from the spellbinding production values that envelope it: ingeniously resonant decor by the Japanese architect Atsushi Kitagawara combined with the fluent poetry of Michael Simon's lighting. Surprises abound, beginning with a stylized version of the usual Kabuki theater ramp, or runway, which Mr. Kitagawara moved to the center of the stage as a path to his angular caves in the rear. In the rear as well, but at the end of the ballet, are his fragments of three black staircases seen through the striped dazzle of three curtains of gold beads.

Unlike most Kylian works, 'One of a Kind' is a full-evening piece in three acts. But like most Kylian ballets, it appears plotless and carries an emotional subtext. The action, whose mood is further influenced by the onstage presence of a cellist, Pieter Wispelwey, suggests life's journey as part of a dream that can also be a nightmare. But then this is only one interpretation of a work that invites interpretation. It is Mr. Kylian's wont to present his basic concept in such distilled form that the initial springboard serves as a metaphor for a theme rather than a theme itself. [...]»

in So Fierce That Even Stillness Speaks of Motion por Anna Kisselgoff. Publicado no New York Times a 15 Julho 1999.

Ver fotografias e um outro clip, com mais definição, aqui.

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Não sei se viste um documentário sobre Kylian, em que ele a certa altura vai à Austrália estudar umas danças aborígenes para uma nova peça. A nova peça depois, também ficou com bom aspecto, mas as danças dos aborígenes e a forma com eles usam o chão, ficou-me para sempre na memória.
Devo ter isso gravado algures, já passou mais do que uma vez na TV.