sexta-feira, outubro 14, 2005

Do it again

Marina e Monica por Kira Bunse Photographie

Monica Bonvicini: I never ask actors to ‘get into the role’ – I’m not interested in their interpretation of what they are doing. I just ask them to do something very simple, like fucking the wall or banging their head against it. It is nothing psychological.

Marina Abramovic: If you don’t feel that you’re a performer yourself, then it’s so much better to have the idea executed by someone else. And that relates to a question that interests me more and more: what do you do as a performance artist when you get old and you can’t do it any more? How can you transmit some kind of experience and knowledge to a younger generation? It’s important that my pieces can happen without me, because I have been a performer all my life, and I know that at some point in the future I won’t be able to perform, or won’t want to.

in conversa entre a performer Marina Abramovic e a artista visual Monica Bonvicini, conduzida por Jörg Heiser, co-editor da revista FRIEZE. A conversa, que pode ser lida aqui (mas não dispensa a compra da revista, também por causa das fotos) decorreu na ilha italiana Stromboli, e serve de pretexto para dar a conhecer o trabalho que Abramovic vai fazer no Guggenheim de Nova York, em Novembro. Seven Easy Pieces é a remontagem de algumas das mais importantes performances da década de 60 e 70, desta vez recriadas por Marina Abramovic. Uma iniciativa inserida na PERFORMA05 - the first biennial of new visual art performance.