sexta-feira, agosto 19, 2005


Jude Law foi fotografado por uns paparazzi. Descobriu-se que, afinal, o sexy actor não é assim tão preenchido. A questão está a levantar polémica. Projecções e fantasias versus desilusões e crenças.

"What turns us on is not perfect images of supersize beefcake, oiled and ready to please. What works for us is intimacy, or the illusion thereof. And thats the illusion these photos bring, precisely because its a shot no one would ever pose for Jude Law, sans fluffer. It jibes with the most precious images from our most private memories, not only just before, but just after. In other words, those pictures are hot because when we look at them, were not thinking of Jude Law, were thinking of you: Our husbands, our boyfriends, not the strangers but the men we've known" diz o Defamer.

Fotos aqui e aqui. Polémica aqui, aqui e aqui.

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